The temperature is getting warmer by the day. The street (Sarafa Bazaar) during the day is rich, lined up with jewellery stores. It is said that there never has been any robbery in this street. Why? Because this place is transformed into an unbelievably lively food street in the night. The stall owners act as Security guards. People are binge eating Patties and Sabudana Khichidi and sipping Shikanji all the way till 5 am. After which, the streets are cleaned (It takes some efforts to be known as one of the cleanest city in India), and the jewellery shop owners take over again. This has been a convenient arrangement and has been practiced for a long time now.

While the chaos is calming down by morning, other streets are prepping up for breakfast. Poha is a staple breakfast at Indore and you can find this almost anywhere.

This is what differentiates India from the rest of the world. To me, street food is the best reflection of the city's culture. And, a city where people are SO interested in food, has to be one of my favorites.

I happened to go to two streets called Chappan Bazaar and Sarafa Bazaar. There was literally everything that I fantasized about. My appetite has been quite low of late, but I knew today is going to be a different game. I've been working out in the gym everyday to get my appetite back (Yes, everybody has strange reasons to go the gym, and this one really motivates me). I went there just to taste Sabudana Khichidi, but got introduced to so many new dishes and I just couldn't stop.

If you have been following us on our Instagram stories, you probably have already seen the Food coma that I went through. For others, here's what my evening looked like :)

DISCLAIMER: The food was extremely enticing and taking a picture of the food before eating was quite traumatizing. The pictures may not be perfect, but the food DEFINITELY was. This blog post is not about HOW much I ate but to introduce you'll to new dishes and take you through my street food experience :)


I started off with the WORLD's most creamy, fluffy, gorgeous, white Rasmalai served in a clay pot. I don't think I can eat any other normal Rasmalai anymore. The benchmark is set.

Honestly, I thought Shikanji referred to Lemonade. Little did I know, this Shikanji refers to a milk shake - Dry fruits, full fat milk and a bit of Shrikand. It is SO filling but soul satisfying.


Coconut in chaat is not something I thought I could ever enjoy. But the flavor is so subtle that the whole combination of potato, coconut, and dry fruits left me craving for more. These are bite sized and priced only at INR 16.

Kachori is something I don’t usually enjoy. But peas reminds me of Masala Puri and I love anything with peas inside. This Kachori was a delight that way. Only 16 bucks again.


Sarafa Bazaar is a foodies paradise. I incidentally went during the evening - which is the WORST time to go there. Remember the part about the jewellery stores street that I had mentioned in the beginning? Well, the street was flooded with customers, innumerable vehicles with powerful horn system. The sound of the vehicles almost killed me (But hey! I'm a Bengalurean and I survived). It's best to visit this place in the mid night (post 12 am)

The darker shades of Gulab Jamoons are double fried and are more delicious (more ghee, you see)


I used to visit this place when I was 9. I think it still tastes the same even today. The curd here is never sour. The owner of this shop puts on an entertaining show for his customers by playing with the masalas that is sprinked on the vada. He manages to hold all the masalas between his fingers, throws them in the air, and they magically fall on the bowl. Visit this place after 7 pm.


Sabudana is Tapioca Pearls soaked overnight. It is mixed with potatoes, tossed with salt, chilly, lemon juice and topped with mixture. Speaking of mixtures, Ujjaini Sev and Ratlam Sev are worth shopping for.

Well, this is not an exhaustive list because honestly, every food stall has something unique to offer. But the dishes mentioned above can certainly be categorized as "Must Try". For now, I cannot wait to detox all the junk I have eaten in the past few days. We will be starting the TWO WEEK DETOX CHALLENGE soon. We might even do a blog post on it. Stay tuned and follow our Instagram account for details :)