Collect. Curate. Create.

These three words sum up everything that The Purple Turtles is about - an eclectic studio that explores and collects from bazaars, havelis and other quirky places, curates and creates exceptional home décor.

The Purple Turtles started more than 10 years ago as a boutique lighting studio and has now grown into a chain of home décor stores across Bangalore and Chennai. It all stemmed out of the need for elegant and modern lamps, when the only options for lighting décor were ordinary light fixtures. The name of the studio has an interesting meaning to it. Purple is a colour of opulence and turtles stand the test of time & are attracted towards light, with which the journey of The Purple Turtles began.

This enchanting studio houses everything from lighting, furniture, home linen, wall décor, tableware and garden décor. The studio concentrates on Indian designers and specialized lighting solutions made out of not only glass but wood, stone, paper and steel.

We visited their store on Lavelle road and just a peek at their window display was enough for us to get lured inside to explore more. The sight of all the beautiful things inside made us wish we lived at the store! Filled and decorated with floor lamps, carpets, planters, photo frames, wall mirrors, lanterns, tableware and storage baskets, every corner of the store is a delight.

Most of the collection here is by their in-house design team, while the others are collected and curated from other parts of India and abroad. They also house pieces by Indian designers who want to put them up on display. Spend some time at the store and you’ll be able to notice and recall The Purple Turtles’ décor being used at quite a few restaurants and other spaces you would’ve visited around Bangalore. Such is their clientele.

The Purple Turtles has a new segment called “Beruru” catering to all your garden décor needs. With pots & planters to outdoor lighting and garden décor & accessories to Al fresco furniture and furnishings, “Beruru” has something for every kind of garden.

Anybody who loves exploring collectibles to decorate their homes or even just small spaces at home, will sure lose track of time at the store. We spent hours exploring and some of our favourite pieces were:

1. Antique wooden photo frames – could picture them on literally every wall of our homes.

2. Antique copper dragonfly – there’s something about dragonflies, isn’t it?

3. Woodlot Arch Lamps – love the golden hue it gives to a space.

4. Colourful block printed cushion covers – for that traditional yet contemporary look.

5. Victorian tea rose candle – for the delicate fragrance of full bloomed rose flowers.

We couldn’t resist picking up those photo frames and candles to beautify our homes :)

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128 1st Main, Domlur 2nd Stage, Indira Nagar. Bangalore 560008

Lavelle Road

The Purple Turtles

#25, Lavelle Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Here's a Q&A with the founder of The Purple Turtles, Mr. Radeesh Shetty:

1. Your current favorite design trend.

I’ve always loved art deco designs and they seem to be very popular again.

2. Your current favorite collection from your store.

Love the new fiber fables collection by Oorjaa at our stores.

Fiber Fables is a new collection that brings together of two distinct natural elements in aesthetic lighting designs. Water hyacinth, found in abundance in the Tungabhadra river to the extent that it’s disturbing the ecology, while the other is a waste generated from several stone quarries around Bangalore. The water hyacinth, harvested from the river, is used in creating wave patterns on pendant, table and floor lamps. At the same time, the main structure of these lamps is created with faux concrete, which is derived from quarry waste. Weave pattern designs are also created with banana fiber, another agricultural waste fibre. Fiber Fables weaves unique lighting designs with these contrasting elements. Their distinguished textures and features add character to each lighting design giving them a unique appeal. Nevertheless, all the product designs have one similarity, their essence lies in being environment friendly.

3. One decor game changer if you have a small budget

A good couch and an interesting light can be a big game changer.

4. Best decor hack to make a space look bigger

Mirror mirror on the wall. Mirrors can make your room look larger. Mirrors also reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter during the day and night. Mirrors on the walls and glass tabletops will give your room a more open feel.

Placing a mirror strategically opposite to a window or door gives it an illusion of a bigger room.

5. One thing you love the most about Bangalore

The people and their openness to new ideas and design trends. They are well travelled, curious, thoughtful, see value in craftsmanship and design rather than mass-produced.