With the lockdown in force, most of us foresee working from home in the near future. Never has it been more important to appreciate our homes. Summer is here and it’s the ideal time to play around with bold colours and textures for your home décor. Here, peruse summer inspirations from two of our most favorite collections from Rohleder Home Collection

Saturated bright colours, textured layering and adventurous patterns are a great way to have some fun and experiment this summer. The Olaf Hajek collection from Rohleder happens to be just right for this. Olaf Hajek is a well-known German illustrator whose artwork is inspired by his journey to South America, South East Asia and Africa. His paintings transport the viewer into distant magical worlds of exotic flowers, plants and animals.

It took Rohleder more than a year’s worth of development work to translate the artist’s complex patterns into designs and textures that can be woven. The collection, handmade in Germany, is an interplay of design and weaving at the highest level and represents true quality workmanship.

Here are two of our favourites from the collection that we think is perfect for this season.

South African Flora is a beautiful colourful cushion with tendril and bird elements. The motif which is created by Olaf Hajek with South African flora, exotic flowers, owls, cranes, hummingbirds is converted into woven art by Rohleder. It has a plethora of hues like turquoise, red and emerald that are bright and in contrast to each other. The cushion is framed with a yellow piping. This kind of woven style of fabric adds a lot of layers to interiors.

Pillow by Olaf Hajek - South African Flora

Crazy Flowers has a floral motif that captures the essential beauty of summer. Shades of pink orange, sunflower yellow and blue-gray on a deep sky-blue background with a yellow piping brings you even closer to the summer feeling. Olaf Hajek’s brushstrokes are adapted onto this textile work of art with perfection.

Pillow by Olaf Hajek - Crazy Flowers

The collection is also available in the forms of upholstery fabrics and sheer curtains.

Boho is another collection that adds an elevated dose of style to any room. The kilim patterns in the fabric takes you straight to distant countries and cultures.

Here are two of our favourites from the collection that we think is perfect for this season.

Braid festival cushions with a pop of colors (Orange, Pink, Saffron, and shades of gray) exude a handcrafted vintage look and have playful details. The mix of dots, stripes and graphic zone adds fresh touches to your home and is a simple way to fete the season. Add a neutral color palette from any of the University Collections to keep things light.

Pillow - Braid - Festival

Seinna Daydream cushions have fringe details, lush rose motifs. The delicate rose, golden yellow, petrol and cream combine to create a cheerful yet sober tonality. The floral prints makes for the ultimate summer look. These can be beautifully paired with Mesh Daydream as seen in the picture below.

Seinna Daydream + Mesh Daydream

You can visit Rohleder's store in Bengaluru at the below address:

107, Prestige Atrium, 1, Central Street, Shivagi Nagar, Bengaluru.

They recently opened their second store in India at Gurugram at the below address:

GS 10, DLF Grand Mall, M.G. Road, Gurugram.

Please note that the stores are currently closed due to the lockdown.

Please check the store timings and status on Google before planning your visit.