We recently started working on a fun new creative project for one of our clients who's launching their brand new chain of Vegan restaurants in Australia called Yumantra.

One of the first steps in any of our creative projects is the making of a mood-board. It is also one of our most favorite aspect of the entire social media management process we take up for our clients. It lets us run wild with our imagination and lets us play with colors. And who doesn't love playing with colors right? :)

So, what is a mood-board you ask?

A mood-board is a collection of visual assets - colors, images, text, photos, or any other kind of visual inspiration. These elements encompass who you are as a brand and what kind of brand message you want to put out into the world.  It represents a general 'vibe' of the brand. It will help us in social media management process in the following ways:

  • Acts as a source of inspiration 

  • Helps all of us stay focused on the brand vision 

  • Helps drive design related projects

  • Tells a visual story about the brand

The objective of any mood board is to build a visual story for social media and use it to gear the right target audience. It gives us direction for content design and development. 

For Yumantra, our client wanted the brand image to represent healthy Vegan food, which does not necessarily have to be boring. Since their range of products is so wide and fun, despite being Vegan, they wanted the brand image to incorporate that. So, we brought in some fun imagery ideas for their products and picked a range of color shades to include their core brand message.