If you haven't heard yet, The Open Box on St. Marks Road seems to have magically found its conjoined twin. Only, its Pan Asian and its called Misu.

Curiosity led us there and my oh my, the two places scream of contrasting personalities. The thumping music from TOB slowly fades and leads you on to a rather mellow and cosy little passage through the doors. At the end of the passage is an oversized mural of a geisha that's so intense and fierce, you feel drawn in.

You'll notice that the passage is lined with charming tables that are lit up just to make sure you start dreaming of sky lanterns. A quick look up and the inverted black-framed mirrors bring you back to reality.

And aren't we all always hungry in reality? A fleeting glimpse at the smoking hot open kitchen and the aroma of Asian spices is quite reassuring.

Its always a good idea to begin an Asian meal with some iced teas and cocktails. Misu just happens to have struck the right chord with the cold ones. The Orange and earl grey iced tea is refreshingly appealing both to the eyes and the taste buds. The blended flavours of citrusy orange and the just-about-bitter tea will keep you company throughout your meal. A few gulps down and you are ready to take on an army of Asian flavours.

The Namprik Tofu introduces you to a burst of spices in its Thai chili paste. It is crunchy, it is spicy and it is roasted to perfection.

In case you are vegetarian who has always been curious about sushi, then the Spicy Tofu Avocado Maki is what you need to try. Yes, vegetarians are treated well at Misu. (Read : Lots of Tofu cooked in a lot of different ways).

For mains, the Khow Suey is definitely recommended. We must admit it was an acquired taste. You will eventually hit the right spot while experimenting with an array of compelling exotic toppings. The flavorsome coconut curry holds it all together.

Summer nights make you crave for cold. With a lot of spicy Asian food in your tummy, you'll desperately look for one. The Lemongrass Ice-cream sandwich did the trick for us.

Where : 4th Floor, Halcyon Complex, Saint Marks Road, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru.

Contact : 080 4128 0055

Cost for two : Rs 1500 appox.