Imagine waking up to the soft sound of waterfall drizzling onto the rocks, the sound of which only gets louder as you are drawn to the expansive porch at the resort. With birds chirping to the tunes of the mighty waterfall, you are so drawn to the view that you end up swaying like the clouds that look like cotton candy tucked away in misty fog. You can literally feel the chaos of city life being left far behind. The continuous light showers in the monsoon season are just another act of nature's magical sorcery.

Athirapally is an hour's drive from Kochi Airport. It is quite convenient for us Bangalore folks to pack up bags and run into the lap of nature. The resort, spread across seven acres in the pristine Sholayar rainforest, is as close as you can get to the Athirapally falls. There are twelve rooms comprising of six luxurious rooms, two premium rooms, one celestial room, two annex rooms, and a tree house, all overlooking the waterfall whose personality will be the highlight of your stay here. Yes, you read that right, Athirapally waterfall has quite the personality. You will notice that it always has its eyes on you. No matter which part of the resort you stand at, the view of the waterfall follows you wherever you are - the bed, the jacuzzi in the bathroom, the balcony or the dining area.

The rooms are strategically placed to ensure you have a continuous eye conversation with the waterfall, which puts you in a much needed meditative state. They're the right amount of cozy and open. Huge french windows leading you to a balcony make you feel like you have arrived. At just the right place. If this luxury was not already enough, the rooms have bathrooms equipped with a jacuzzi that again has a view to make sure sure you never get out of it. Lounging in warm water, sipping some wine and staring at the icy cold mist and waterfall outside does the trick. And when you're finally hungry enough to get out, the thought of a traditional wholesome Kerala sadhya is very reassuring.

Being south indians, a banana leaf meal is exactly what we crave for on a day meant for relaxing. We suggest everybody to do so too. The sight of the leaf filled with an array of colorful food, complete from papadams, pachadis, sharkara varattis, banana chips, avial, curries, sambar and finally the red rice is so comforting. After a meal so big, all one can do is crash on a warm bed.

Evenings at Rainforest Resort are simply meant to be lived. The way life is meant to be lived. Lounge at the pool or trek down to the waterfall through gushing streams. Now, the pool needs a special mention here. It comes with the most incredible vibes. It is surrounded by age-old trees, misty hills and of-course the omnipresent waterfall.

For those who prefer getting in some physical activity even on holiday, the trek down to the streams and the waterfall is very promising. The trail goes through thick forests, in the streams and leads you right to the foothills of the waterfall. The view here is breathtaking. If Aishwarya Rai thought it was worth standing on a rock there and dancing in the rain to a song in the movie Guru, then you know how good the aura is.

As night falls, you can't help but think the waterfall still has its eyes on you. Even though you can't see it in the dark, you can now hear it more clearly.

Such was our stay at Rainforest Resort. 

Photography credits : Rijutha Raj

Resort Details :

Address - P IV /93 A, Kannamkuzhy P O, Athirapally Via Chalakudy, Trichur, Kerala 680721

Contact - 095390 78888

Website - www.rainforest.in