Kurumba Village Resort is an enchanting vista. Comfortably nestled in between 11 acres of a spice plantation that is adjacent to flourishing thick forests, it is guarded on one side by a majestic hill that is so tall and mighty, it would put a city’s high rise buildings to shame. The resort effortlessly blends into the forests beyond, you wouldn't be able to tell where it actually ends.

The roads to Kurumba Village Resort are like an enthralling opening act to a spectacle that is about to manifest itself. You will go uphill and descend down amidst breath-taking views of the famed Nilgiris. The verdant landscape on the way is just another hint of what you are about to experience. And when you get to Kurumba Village Resort, you will realise you have been transported to a transcendental land, where you will breathe the freshest air, experience the coolest of breezes and hear the mellowest of sounds.

The Kurumbas, an ancient local tribe that resided in the area were believed to have lived in extreme harmony with nature around them. Their souls have lingered on to form the core of what the resort wants to represent. It is quite obvious that efforts have been put in to preserve and nurture the wild in which the resort resides.

White-washed cottages, long curvy pathways and beautiful views from every angle are trademarks of the resort. You will also spot a spice plant or tree at every step of your way.

A short buggy ride took us to our cottage. (There’s something about buggy rides that brings the biggest smiles on our faces. Especially a ride in a scenic place like this.) We always expect luxurious beds in resorts to mysteriously pull us towards them. But this time, something had changed. The balcony seemed to be calling out to us. We rushed and opened the doors, only to gasp in absolute awe. The view was splendid. Stretches of tall trees with a few rays of sunshine escaping them and a mighty tall hill at a distance covered with mist and cotton-like clouds. For the first time, we found ourselves gaping quietly at the sight. There was a misty breeze that only added to the perfection of the moment.

The next thing we heard was one of the staff trying to explain to us that we wouldn’t have phone and internet connections in such hilly areas. As it happens, this magical place was still safe from technology. For once, we didn’t seem to mind the absence of it.

There is a lot to explore and experience at Kurumba – an infinity pool, an Ayurvedic spa, dining at beautiful locations, a spice trail, a trek to a nearby waterfall and endless cups of chai in the evenings.

The Pool –

The infinity pool that overlooks the forest is exceptional. It is located right at the foothills of the majestic mountain and the shade of blue water amidst the green scenery is something anybody would fall in love with. Taking a swim here would transport you to the seventh heaven. Floating on your back in the waters, staring at the moving clouds, the feeling is almost spiritual.

Food and Dining –

There are a number of thoughtfully curated dining options at Kurumba. There’s a restaurant with a view, cave dining, tree-top dining, poolside dining and a cosy little evening chai hut. Dining at Kurumba is an absolute delight for foodies. The restaurant is open for all the regular meals and has a wide buffet spread with various cuisines like Indian, Pan-Asian and Continental. Incredible effort is put in by Chef Muralidharan and his team to serve highly delectable and flavoursome food. We found ourselves having breakfast for prolonged times. Such was the tasty food and picturesque view.

There are also other impressive dining arrangements at Kurumba that ensure you take home unique and memorable experiences. The cave dining experience allows you to dine in an intimate set up in a cave. The tree-top dining experience gets you right to the top of a tree, to take advantage of a privileged view of the landscape.

We happened to choose to try the poolside dining experience and we are so glad we did. It was a night with a clear starry sky and a mild breeze. The dark shade of the mountain brought out a stunning silhouette effect against the twilight sky. The moon rose slowly against the backdrop. Water in the pool shimmered and swayed in tune with the sounds of the night. Our table was lit with candles and decorated with aromatic hibiscus flowers. We knew right away that this would be special.

The Chef, Mr. Muralidharan had made us a customised course meal. We cannot tell you enough about how delicious the food was (absolute magic in his hands). The staff waited on us patiently throughout the dinner. We were pampered to the core. The experience won a very special place in our hearts.

Then, there is a chai hut that needs special mention as well. Every evening, it allows you to indulge in endless cups of steaming hot chai, spicy bajjis and real meaningful conversations. Now, who wouldn’t love that?

Experiences –

If you thought, indulging in food would take up most of your time at Kurumba, you’d be wrong. There’s a lot more to explore. You could go on a spice plantation trail and get acquainted with Indian spice plants and trees, or get your sport on and do some zip lining and spider climbing. You could also wake up early in the mornings and trek down to a waterfall nearby. There’s so much that one can do here, you’ll find no reason to step out to town during your stay at Kurumba.

We had an ideal and fulfilling vacation here. We were impressed with the incredible hospitality showered on us by our hosts.

Now you know where to head for a relaxing getaway in the south of India.

Details of our stay:

Address - Ooty-Mettupalayam Road, Hill Grove Post, Kurumbadi, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu 643102

Phone - 0423 210 3002

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