Hidden in a charming old house in a charming south Bangalore locality, Hungry Buffalo is a café that serves fresh organic native food.

Born out of four people's passion for sustainability, this cafe is a humble and honest attempt to revive people's interest in traditional food. As Swaroopa, Sapna, Kishore and Madhur graduated from a sustainability course from Bhumi College, Bangalore, they found themselves pondering about the lack of restaurants that serve fresh authentic local food, that symbolizes the entire cycle of farm to table with ingredients sourced from small local farmers. And, that’s how Hungry Buffalo became a reality.

The café with its red flooring, a naturally lit courtyard and wooden furniture is homely, cozy and has an old-world charm to it. You could choose to sit on chairs or even on floor mats that make you feel snugger. They even have traditional board games to keep you entertained till your fresh food is cooked with love. Its sure going to remind you of your gramma’s house!

You will be greeted by a serene smile that looks ever so enthusiastic to tell you more about the café and the menu. The warmth of these people is so contagious that it just blends into the great time you’re going to have here. You get to meet the trio (mentioned above) and talk to them about their journey which is quite unique and fascinating.

Food at Hungry Buffalo is not mass produced and is made fresh every day. Parts of their menu change on a daily basis. The freshness of seasonal ingredients and the sensory flavours are undeniable. They’re a perfect example of unique avant-garde experiments in traditional food.

Some of their star dishes are the Biksha Bowl a.k.a the Buddha Bowl which is a balanced meal of all the nutrition you could possibly need, but with an added advantage of ‘finger-licking good’ taste and Rice with Podi is a classic childhood memory of rice, ghee, papad and lots of different chutney pudis. Hands down, there is no better soul-fulfilling comfort food than this (especially if you are a true-blue South Indian).

Some of the other dishes we insist you try are Bullet Kadubus, Ragi pancakes, Roti meal etc. Most of the dishes are based on seasons and the fresh produce available in the season and so every day is a surprise!

Desserts here are simply exceptional. It would be a crime to skip them. The Muga Udha, a green gram and coconut milk-based cooler is the perfect accompaniment to your meal. The Mango Pudding, a ripe mango pudding made with coconut milk and basil seeds is to die for. And for our luck, Mango season is right around the corner!

The vibes and food at Hungry Buffalo exude love, warmth and authenticity. No wonder, you’ll find us here every other weekend. 😊

Hungry Buffalo will be open to service only from Fridays to Sundays in March 2020, after which it will be temporarily closed.

Where? 43, Mountain Street, Near Madhavan Park Circle, Jayanagar1st Block, Bangalore.

Contact? +91 9870000165

Cost for two? Rs. 1500