Me: *Who selected the upholstery?*

Me: *Whosoever did, has taste.*

Even before we could settle down to order, at Forage, Indiranagar, some Sourdough Bread (possibly made with lactobacilli and yeast instead of baker’s yeast like traditional bread) and Tapenade (a spread with Olives & Capers in Olive Oil and perhaps with a dash of garlic/herbs and lemon juice) landed on our table as hors d’oeuvres. Bland and delicious - or should I say, sweet and sour. There’s no better way to understand an Oxymoron!

Beet and Orange Salad (with walnuts and red wine dressing) was the first item we ordered. Beetroot has never been on my list of favourites. However, this Beet and Orange salad came close. Surprisingly, I don’t remember the Orange and Walnuts from this dish. Can you beat that?!  Perhaps my companions for lunch transferred it to their plates while I was still engaged with the Sourdough bread.

Roasted tomatoes, feta and wine-soaked figs came next. It’s called Fig and Feta. They’ve figured out a way to let the real taste come through.

We commenced lunch discussing numerology but didn’t quite keep a count of the calories.

The Jalapeno Mushroom Pasta, notwithstanding the Jalapeno, reached the vessel’s dead storage level (a term I learnt tracking the water level at Krishna Raja Sagara dam in April/May 2017) in minutes of it being served.

What the kitchen sent us next was, quite literally, a Piece of Cake, according to the menu.  Steamed rice topped with sautéed greens with coconut cream cooked in the shape of a piece of cake.  Mayura Kutappa, the restaurant’s co-owner did warn us to bite into it before it got cold. While we were busy in doing a back-of-the-tissue numerology calculations, the Piece of Cake lost steam – literally. And figuratively.

We then ordered Mist (almond, dates and figs) and Pina (a pineapple concoction) from the drinks menu.  We savoured the pure taste, unlike the garam masala and chat masala powered juices.

Finally, the desert. Chocolate Torte with almonds, olive oil, cacao and cane sugar. Cacao is, of course, very similar to cocoa except that it is processed less and at a lower temperature. We trifurcated the Chocolate Torte to keep the calories at bay. It was perfect (the Chocolate Torte and the decision to trifurcate it).

Contrary to what the dictionary leads me to believe, I didn’t have to forage the menu to order. There are a lot of simple to select menu options. Hey! The menu has a lot of greens but all of it is fodder for the compliments that you may need to shower on the team post the meal. Compliments are due not just for the meal but also for the alfresco style dining under coconut trees. Thankfully there’s a skylight to break the fall of any coconut which may feel like dropping in!  There’s also a little more formal but equally interesting dining area inside. There’s a library for diners who need a book or a magazine for company.

Forage describes its wish for us to eat better, stay fit and live well.  What I ate did fit into its ‘eat better’ wish. I ate heartily but did not feel sluggish after the meal. There’s an air about Forage, which includes the choice of upholstery, which is invigorating and tempting. 

I would have planned my second trip sooner, to try out other items on the menu, had the restaurant been a little closer home!

Getting there: I took a 6E from Mumbai and an Uber for the last mile. Neither needed directions to get to 318, 6th Main Road, HAL II Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru. 

Cost for two? Rs. 1500