Having worked at a home textile major, fascination with the intricacies of woven fabric had sparked in us a few years ago. Watching yarns take shape to form fabrics on weaving looms was enthralling for us. Bright colors, sophisticated patterns and interesting textures of fabrics have always kindled the design enthusiasts in us. So, it wasn't surprising to us when we decided to venture into and explore the world of design, decor, fabric and upholstery. We jumped at the opportunity to visit a newly opened home collection store in Bangalore. 

Picture a space that features elaborate patterns and luxurious textures, all arranged in a way that lets fabric do the talking. A space so confident of the quality of its textiles, that it doesn't shy away from displaying the sheers against sunlight. Or a beige colored couch with indisputably stunning cushions and plaids, exuding a medley of colorful hues. The interplay of art and weaving is evident. That's ROHLEDER for you. With their vision to create textiles that stand out not only in quality but also in design, look and feel, they’re here to create beautiful spaces that are elegant, comforting and indulging.

Rohleder is a German company based in Upper Franconia, Bavaria, that has opened its first showroom in BANGALORE, nestled in Prestige Atrium, Central Street, one of the most hustling & bustling by-lanes of the city. Rohleder manufactures upholstery, drapery and other home furnishing fabrics, which are made in the German mill, undergo rigorous processes and comply with all the quality standards before making their way to customers. The result is a perennial, high quality premium textile, or as the Germans call it "Hochwetige Textilen".

We walked through the various products on display - from cushions, plaids, curtains, upholstery fabrics, to the exclusive designer collections. We particularly loved the Boho collection, for its color pop and the Designer collection by Olaf Hajek for its unique designs. We learnt that Olaf Hajek is a renowned German Illustrator and his artwork for Rohleder was inspired by his journey to South America, South East Asia and Africa. It took over a year, to translate the complex patterns from the artist's pen to the fabric. Here's a glimpse of the making of this exclusive collection.

Rohleder fabrics are of exceptional quality with features like excellent colorfastness to light, no chemical treatment, flame retardant, kind to your skin and suitable for people with allergies. Few things are more luxurious than exquisite fabrics and as with Rohleder, they’re made of exclusive fibres using high-tech machinery or handwork. They are washable and easy to maintain. So easy that, there is a demonstration at the showroom to remove any stain. We love how the fabric does not let tough stains and messy spills cramp our style.

We can't wait to add a tactile warmth and elegance to our living or bedroom and make spending time there a delight.

Address: Rohleder, 107, Prestige Atrium, 1, Central Street, Bangalore.

Phone: 080-41743014

Rohleder opened its second store in Gurugram.

Address: GS10, Grand Mall, MG Raod, Gurugram. Phone: 0124-4378311