Every business is unique and every business owner has distinct marketing goals. We specialize in catering to the unique needs and demands of each of our customers and always develop customized marketing tools / campaigns as per the demand.

E-Product Catalog is gaining popularity as people now prefer staying indoors. A catalog helps customers who are unable to physically visit the store. A visually appealing catalog is a great advertising tool. During the lockdown, Rohleder East received several inquiries, but since the customers could not physically visit the store, there was a need for an e-catalog.

Rohleder is a German company based in Upper Franconia, Bavaria, that has opened its first showroom in BANGALORE, nestled in Prestige Atrium, Central Street, one of the most hustling & bustling by-lanes of the city. Rohleder manufactures upholstery, drapery and other home furnishing fabrics, which are made in the German mill, undergo rigorous processes and comply with all the quality standards before making their way to customers. The result is a perennial, high quality premium textile, or as the Germans call it "Hochwetige Textilen". Read more about Rohleder here.

Here's a quick story of the creative process:

Rohleder features 11 beautiful upholstery and drapery collections, and our client wanted to display the fabric swatch for each collection. Some of the key features of a product catalog are:

a) Writing the brand story

b) Using powerful product images

c) Product description and Pricing details

d) Incorporating brand personality and story telling

e) Clear directions / Call to action (CTA) on how to place the order highlighting the key contact details.

We've visited Rohleder's showroom several times in the past. One thing is for sure, the store experience is surreal. Looking at the different textured fabrics is a joy. We wanted to incorporate those colors in the catalog and exhibit the experience in this e-catalog. The best way would be the use of high quality images which would help customers visualize how the upholstery will look in a real set up. Keeping in mind the brand tone, brand colors, and the brand font, we built a catalog for each of their collection.

To make the catalog more visually appealing, we added a color palette to each of the fabric swatches. The color palette in each of the following pages represented the shades on the fabric to help customers determine what colors would look good together. These could be used to create a particular look or feel.

You can have a look at the detailed product catalogs here - bit.ly/2ATxE6J

For orders, write to blr@rohleder-east.com or ggn@rohleder-east.com.