We are always looking to give a little makeover to our Casa and are huge fans of artistic decor products. Not only did we stumble upon Curio Casa - a premium luxury & lifestyle store nestled in the heart of Bangalore, but also managed a quick tête-à-tête with the creative minds and maestros behind the inception of Curio Casa - Divyansh Sanklecha & Vipul Pirgal.

Launched in January 2019, Curio Casa is a Luxury home decor & Interior retail store that aims to capture and celebrate the spirit of modern-day living by curating and crafting world-class premium home decorative ranges for their discerning customers. Tucked away in South Bangalore, the brand showcases its curated finds across a sprawling 1500 sq.ft atelier. They offer an eclectic range of statement pieces and home decor pieces such as Artefacts, Sculptures, Murals, Wall Arts, Indoor Planters and more. Curio Casa represents an amalgamation of opulence while being simple yet modern. Their modern and contemporary collection is sourced from European countries.

While we are crushing on literally everything on their online store (, the Parked By The Yellows (3D Wall Art), Bask in Glory Wicker Basket, Pawsitkitty (Accessories holder) are some of our favorites (apart from the decor range suggested by the Founders, scroll down to see those too):

Parked By The Yellows (3D Wall Art)

Bask in Glory Wicker Basket

Pawsitkitty (Accessories holder)

Here's a Q&A with the founders of Curio Casa, Divyansh Sanklecha & Vipul Pirgal.

Divyansh Sanklecha

Vipul Pirgal

1. Your current favorite design/decor trend:

We love the fact that currently our consumers are willing to be super experimental when it comes to styling their spaces. Off trend, unique pieces which a few years ago might have not found buyers, sell like hot cakes today. And from an obsession with neutrals, consumers are slowly moving to chic colors. Everyone that comes to us is looking for pieces that would make their space stand out. This is good news for us as a brand since it allows us to experiment with our sourcing and bring in some eccentric pieces from artists around the world.

2. Your current favorite collection at Curio Casa

Our favorite collections are Squad Goals, Your Majesty, Cracked Up Buddha.

3. One decor game changer if you have a small budget:

Invest in planters. We can’t stress how much a few indoor planters do to a space. And today the variety available in the same is massive. From golds to ceramics, you can find one in any range. The greens just lift up the space beautifully, and the fact that it also cleans air is a plus, we all could use some clean fresh air. And the biggest plus is they can be easily blended with decor of absolutely any kind with ease.

4. Best decor hack to make a space look bigger:

Light colored walls always do the trick. It's just an illusion of course, but a room with lighter walls tends to look larger than a room with dark walls. One more thing you can do is have just one wall painted a dark color like black, brown etc, while the rest of the walls light. The wall that is dark, has that space decorated with a table, a painting or just some unique stylish pieces. This creates an illusion of depth which results in the room looking bigger.

5. One thing you love about Bangalore:

The sheer willingness to experiment. Bangalore at the core is super classy and elegant when it comes to design. But we have noticed how in the last few years, our clients here are more than willing to experiment with new trends. There is a sense of openness which as a brand allows us to offer suggestions to our clients, which they are more than happy about. Also, Bangalore is such a cultural diaspora which is also a challenge in a good way as it pushes us to grow and become better in our field.