Camp Grill Festival at SHD is spicing up our Winter!

Camping is an indefinable experience. The experience at Smoke House Deli took us back to the indubitable tenure of time. The taste that lingered and still remains to this day, was the charred flavor of the beautifully marinated dishes.  After relentlessly knocking down most of the dishes on the Camp Grill Festival menu, feeling complacent was only obvious.

Chef's perspective :

''We searched high and low while our chefs did all the hard work and came up with an array of beauties sure to tempt you into submission. Beloved and innovative options that inspire their own names such as the Lebanese Style Grilled Chicken, Curried Wings, SHD Tenderloin Skewers, Chilli Pepper Prawns- Khubbus, Pork Spare Ribs , Char Grilled Lamb Chops , Crostino, Potato Skins, Double Corn Tacos , Cottage Cheese Skewers , Garlic Sauce will all compete for your attention''.

The Chef explained to us about the slow cooking process.  Before stepping into the grill, the key star of each dish is marinated overnight with lots of herbs, butter and spices. Charcoal grilling helps retain the original flavor. Breads tend to become crisper and the tender items (such as meat, cottage cheese and potato)  tend to become juicier.

There were also some special cocktails infused with fruit, and spices to compliment the food.

By the end of the meal, our appetite was infinitesimal, but a twisted smile flitted across our faces when we saw the dessert. A soft (really soft) milk cake sitting on a bed of hazelnut sauce was the reason behind our smiles. Needless to say, this beauty was deformed in two seconds.

There was also a very chic looking Tiramasu - a dollop of coffee flavored mascarpone cheese sandwiched between Lady fingers (biscuit) .

Unfortunately,  the dishes on the Camp Grill Menu are available only until December 10th. If you love this new menu as much as we do, go say hello to the benevolent chef - Mr. Sharad. He has done a fantastic job, indeed.

PS - The Milk cake is part of the permanent menu. Hurray.

Recommended - Crostini, Potato Skin & Lebanese Styled Grilled Chicken, Pork spare ribs (recommended by the Chef)

Cost for two ? INR 2000 (Food and drinks)


Ground Floor, No. 52,53,

Lavelle Road,

Bengaluru - 560011

Phone:- 080 4051 5151