Bordered by countries such as India, China, Bangladesh, and Thailand - Burma brims with cultural influences from the neighboring countries. However, Burmese cuisine is not as spicy as Indian food, not as aromatic as Thai food and not even like Chinese food. Instead, Burmese food is tangy, flavorsome and unique.

Burma Burma has bought to Bangalore a slice of Burma, with their own unique twist. Where else would you feel the crunch of a Samosa in a soup or EAT tea leaves? Or chew mock meat on skewers? Food at Burma Burma is packed with punchy flavors and is truly an experience.

It is said that Burmese food is all about sharing and enjoying the act of eating together. That’s exactly how you feel when you enter Burma Burma. It is an experience of eating together. The extensive vegetarian menu guarantees something for everyone - including mock meat for meat lovers. There is plenty of variety and you will always find a dipping sauce accompanying meals.

We started our meal with Samuza Hincho (Tangy Samosa Soup with carrot, capsicum, and cabbage) and Pumpkin Basil Soup. Something cold and crunchy on a sunny afternoon is a dish we really enjoy. We tried assorted fresh salad - Sunflower leaves and Crispy Wheat Flakes salad, Baby Sunflower leaves and veggies salad tossed with tamarind chilly dressing and Tea Leaf salad (Mandalay Laphet Thoke. It is said that 80% of tea production of Burma goes into making Laphet - a traditional treat unique to Burma.

For starters we had Brown Onion and Roasted Chilli Steamed Buns and Grilled Mock Meat Skewer (Mock meat - Soya marinated in crushed spices, tamarind, lemon zest and grilled). For mains, we tried Laphet Tofu Kyaw which is wok tossed rice with tea leaf, peanuts and garlic along with vegetables cooked in coconut milk, spiced with red chilly and tamarind. This combination was fresh and new to us and we absolutely recommend everybody to try it.

Burma Burma is as much a Tea Room as it is a restaurant. Their tribute to Burma’s love for tea is quite evident with their extensive array of teas. We would love revisiting the place just for their teas. They house an assortment of delicate and hearty flavors including Black tea, Oolong tea, Green tea and White tea.

We paired our favourite White tea with a dessert called Zen Forest. Eating this dessert was literally like making your way through a serene forest, with pebbles made from Hazelnut chocolate and Gianduja strings looking like streams.

Dining at Burma Burma is a delectable experience and is perfect for that dinner with friends or a lunch with family.

Where? 607, 12th Main Rd, 7th Cross, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru

Contact? 080 4300 8120

Cost for two? Rs. 1500