The New Normal - I found some very fresh blueberries at our local grocery store and first thought - these would make really decadent blueberry jam. Recurring thoughts of making jam at home is definitely new for me.

So, I chopped them up a bit and put them in a pan with a cup of sugar, a spoon of lemon juice and some salt. I stood there and watched it all melt and form that absolutely gorgeous color. I cooked it on a medium low heat for about 20 minutes and it began to reduce and thicken and form a lovely texture.

Sterilizing the jars is very important to preserve the jam for a long time. I placed the jar in some hot water and dried it up later. When refrigerated properly, the jam can last up-to 6 months.

Having made blueberry jam for the very first time, it totally deserved "Against-The-Sky Terrace Photography". And since we were already on the terrace, we made a terrace picnic out of it #NewNormal . The jam with fresh flaky butter croissants and organic butter was divine. The current crazy times have definitely led us to find joy in simple things.