Located in the Gulf of Mannar, between the western coast of Sri Lanka and the south eastern tip of India and hidden away from the main city of Tuticorin, this place is accessible by a short drive of 30 kilometers from the railway station of the city. Driving through heaps and heaps of salt beds, you will reach the destination which is a facade of white and blue, transporting you instantly to a picture of Santorini, Greece.  At first you notice the pristine and clear blue skies and the ever complementing turquoise waters. You pinch yourself for a second, just to make sure that you are in fact in your own country. 

Greeted by the always smiling and helpful staff of Aqua Outback and engulfed in the warmth of the strong winds of the gulf, one already starts to relax and forget the hustle and bustle of the city life. The location was a pump house for the nearby salt beds which was transformed into a sustainable, environmental friendly outback, amalgamating to form the name 'Aqua Outback'.


The owner, Arjun Motha is a fitness enthusiast, self-taught kite surfer and environmentalist. Coming from a family of generations of salt manufacturers, this millennial took a different route to make people appreciate nature in its raw, and beautiful form. A Tuticorin local, he studied in the UK, explored kite surfing in Spain, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. Inspired by the ocean, he came back to his roots to use kite surfing as a tool to put Tuticorin on the map.

Aqua Outback has a geographical advantage over other international kite surfing locations like Boracay (Philippines), Maui (Hawaii), Tarifa (Spain) and many more as it receives a lot of wind created by the Venturi effect due to the gap between India and Sri Lanka. In simple terms the winds are being squeezed into the narrow gap between the two countries, taking the winds between 10-35 knots, which is considered ideal conditions for kite surfing. It also has a great diversity of features ranging from flat lagoons to mangroves to estuaries making it a perfect place to explore other non-motor water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, sailing, wake boarding, stand-up paddling (SUP), bird watching or even just for strolling on the shores of the beach.

If you are looking to get away from the everyday fast paced life and are traveling on a budget, this place is highly recommended. Aqua Outback gives you the break you need. Surrounded by nature in all directions, you are sure to feel rejuvenated and is ready to face a new day!

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The weekday package starts at Rs. 3500 per person per day and the weekend package starts at Rs. 5085 per person per day. Packages include accommodation and food.

Address: 105, 2nd St, Toovipuram, Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu 628003

Contact: 098941 11277