So stoked and proud to have conceptualized and created this VIRAL VIDEO of the making of Belgium Chocolate Truffle. Developing the brand tone through compelling digital content and taking the promise of the brand to the audience through tailored stories, is a process we thoroughly enjoy.

Here's a quick story of the creative process that went behind creating this series.

Smoor Chocolates is known for its high quality true couverture chocolates. Frequent trips to their chocolate factory to see the entire chocolate making process of “Beans to Bar to Bliss”, was our favorite activity. We loved capturing the 'behind the scenes'. We were sure that creating a digital experience of this process, would definitely create a buzz on the internet.

We first created a mood board which would help us build a visual story for social media and detailed guidelines that would give us direction for content design and development. Since brown color resonates to chocolates, we wanted to make ample use of this color. We made sure all our videos have significant coverage of "chocolate".

Having managed their social media handles, we observed the user generated content. These are typically photos and videos that are shared by the followers. This gave us an understanding of what works and what doesn't. Belgium Chocolate Truffle, Raspberry Chocolate, Stir it up Chocolate Stick and Macarons were the top trending images. This meant that the audience would love to see the "making process" of these products.

We went into the factory to capture these magical moments with Allan Wilfred, who captured our vision perfectly.

We then extensively promoted these videos on social media under the theme "CHOCOLATE FACTORY SERIES". The results? The Belgium Truffle Cake video gained

1.5+ million views

76,000 profile visits

1500 website visits and

8000+ followers!

Not only did this create a buzz on the internet, but also created a huge revenue opportunity with 1500 website visits. The video is still doing the rounds all over social media and we couldn't have been happier.

You can watch these videos below: