Writers, Content Creators, Digital Influencers & Marketing Enthusiasts - We, Semanthi & Shikha, will take you along our mystical, magical journeys across the globe. Best friends since 2008, we have our hands in everything from food, travel to lifestyle and design.


Orange Postbox (earlier known as Diner's Kaleidoscope) was born to channelize our creativity to create fun, engaging content for our readers. Orange stands for creativity and enthusiasm, Postbox signifies our love for collecting  & sharing stories with you. 

We aim to acquaint you with everything from an epicurean slice of top notch restaurants and street food to towns and cities that you absolutely must visit. Adrenaline junkies, currently based out of Bengaluru, with an ever burning "Fernweh" feeling in our gut, we suffer from an incurable urge to eat, travel and shop till we (literally) drop!